The Importance of Finding an Experienced Guardianship Attorney

Finding an experienced Guardianship Attorney

Taking on the responsibility of legal guardianship of an elderly or disabled family member is a huge undertaking that can have many complexities. The best way to handle this responsibility and ensure that your ward’s interests are protected is with the help of an experienced Guardianship Attorney. This attorney will be able to guide you through the numerous procedures, eligibility requirements, and regulations that must be addressed in order to successfully achieve legal guardianship.

In Chicago, a legal guardian may be appointed by the Family Court (for children) or Supreme Court (for adults). The court may choose to grant guardianship of the person, property, or both to an individual. The lawyer who you hire will be able to explain the various types of guardianship that the court can offer and help you determine which type is most appropriate for your situation.

A guardian of the person is allowed to make daily decisions for the ward and will usually have power over his or her personal health care. A guardian of the property will be permitted to oversee the ward’s finances and assets, including inheritances or lawsuit settlements. Guardianship of the estate is typically granted when a person is unable to take care of himself or herself or is prone to fraud and undue external influence.

Once you have hired an experienced Guardianship Attorney, the next step is to file a petition with the court. The attorney will collect all necessary evidence and information to build a strong case showing why the ward needs a guardian. A hearing will then be scheduled with the judge. During this time, the judge will review all of the evidence and information presented and make a decision in the case. If you are looking for a skilled Guardianship Attorney, visit for guidance and Free Consultation!

If the judge decides that a guardian is needed, the judge will issue an order naming the guardian and specifying their powers and duties. The attorney will also be able to assist with any other matters that the court may require such as filing reports and accountings, or attending any court hearings.

It is essential to consult with an experienced Guardianship Attorney before you begin the process of seeking guardianship for a loved one. The attorney will be able to advise you on the best legal options and help you prepare for the various steps involved in the process. This will help you avoid any unnecessary difficulties and ensure that your loved one receives the care that he or she deserves.

A good Guardianship Attorney can be found through the LawInfo directory. Attorneys on the directory have been independently verified and must meet stringent qualifications. They must be licensed in their field of practice and in good standing with the bar association. In addition, they must have substantial experience and be able to demonstrate excellent client service. If you are in need of a Guardianship Attorney, contact Davis and Associates today to be connected with one in your area. In most cases, the initial consultation is free of charge.