How to Design a Brochure that Works the Best

Whether you want to print out a brochure on your own or have it printed by a professional, there are several different types of brochure printing you can choose from. These include Roll-Fold, Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, and Z-Fold. Whether you’re promoting an event or a new product, using a brochure is an effective strategy to get your message across. Brochures come […]

Graphic Design and Printing

For successful design, graphic designers need to understand how print affects their work. Some printed products have standard dimensions, such as business cards. However, many printers offer custom printing options for special needs. For example, if you are printing hundreds of business cards, you should choose a specialized printer with a large volume and the desired size. If you are […]

Graphic Design and Printing Tips for an Attention Catching Promotional Material

Designing an attention-catching promotional material requires using a variety of techniques. First, you must know the psychology of color. People react differently to certain colors. Red is one of the most motivating and dynamic colors, so using it in your promotional material will certainly get the desired attention. While it is true that a preponderance of a certain color is […]