By third anniversary of our site:
 By third anniversary of our site - the administration of a resource gives the users the updated site on three language versions. For today the site without exaggeration - is the most sated site in Russian about baseball - that our colleagues from Russia confirm even! In the updated version we have included in headings of a site such items as: technics and a technique of baseball, authoritative opinions of experts, advice of professionals, video a technique, the book by rules of baseball, the literature on baseball and the baseball book of records Guinness.
  Except for that is all representation part of a site (about our club and about baseball in Moldova) it is translated on a state language.

Video lessons of baseball:

  For last years to us fans of baseball with the request repeatedly addressed to include in a site has undressed "Video". Unfortunately, technical opportunities to us did not allow to make it on our old site

 Now on a new site we correct this blank. From this year at us on a site you can see explanations of nuances of rules, technics and tactics of baseball, fragments of games and much all another. And first video a lesson/roller will be from our former trainer Dovbenko E, who is devoted to a theme of a pronose of a bat in "batterbox", all know, that the given moment in game is one of the most disputable whom as a result generates in itself weight of possible variants of the further outcome of a meeting. Pleasant viewing.
 We wait for your offers on subjects of this section. More...
Latest news:
04.04.07The first friendly games
10.03.07The republic Moldova on the given...
07.02.07 The new president of National Federation of Baseball...
03.11.06About a fighting spirit, desire to win and the intense...
01.11.06The final tournament table of the Championship of Moldova...
29.10.06Game for the second place of the championship. Silver...
22.10.06The passed games of the Championship took place...
14.10.06And nevertheless we have won! Abator 8:4 the Scorpion...
08.10.06The next victory Kvint in the Championship...
01.10.06The twelfth round - has not brought any surprises...
24.09.06Strong-willed victory over departure against Cojusna...
17.09.06Games of the tenth round of the second round...
10.09.06The first defeat has not kept itself waiting long...
03.09.06Abator - the first game - the first victory. The second round...
15.06.06The first tour of championship RM on baseball is completed!
1 Kvint 12 12 0 36
2 Abator 13 8 5 29
3 SDISOR 13 7 6 27
4 Scorpion 12 6 6 23
5 Hawks 12 5 7 22
6 Cojusna 12 3 9 18
7 Corsairs 12 2 10 16
Charge of glasses:
Victory - 3
Defeat - 1
Technical defeat - 0

* - on one technical defeat
1 Burmei 521 667 CRS
2 Covalenco 476 738 KVT
3 Vloscinschii 459 486 ABT
4 Butnari 432 705 CRS
5 Belous 423 462 KVT
6 Postolachi 407 519 CRS
7 Novac 400 543 ABT
8 Fleostor 385 500 ABT
9 Soltan 382 529 HWK
10 Cuceric 357 357 HWK
BEST RBI runs batted in Butnari

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